Unresolved Bugs

Below is a list of currently-unresolved bugs (back to V2.3). Most recent first. Click on an entry to show more detail.

7818File..Save As is ghosted out
7813objects not found
7807Windows Explorer / Task Bar
7804error 28 for image download
7794Quick Observation Fails
7790Long-term visibility widget issue
7789Possible memory leak issue
7787Need to recompile repeating scripts
7785FoV display issues
7781UI becomes completely unresponsive if there is change to a fixed date
7780Something is Causing User-Defined Fields to go Blank
7776Highlight Rule for Relative Transit Dates is Miscalculating its Highlights.
7770b27 crash without error report
7767Colors and legends are wrong with the Sites drop-down for Highlight Rules
7761Values for User-Defined Fields invisible for Random Objects
7760Message that Columns are Corrupt after Making Adjustments to User-Defined Fields
7748Highlight rules not passing on all settings with exports
7731The Custom Highlight editor chooses the previously selected rule after switching.
7729Copied User Fields Use the Old Name
7725AP Crashes in User Fields with Certain Plan Combos
7723Observations tab doesn't recognize dragged changes.
7718Syncing Won't Work After Deleting Some Plan Docs
7714Logged observation not displayed in observation database
7695Lorentzian moon avoidance
7689Crash on export
7672ResourcesWindow-FindPlaceBtn_Pressed: Out Of Bounds Exception
7671Plan Wizard duplicates some objects
7658Highlighted objects are not highlighted in night vision mode
7645Text flickering in Observtion Database: Notes
7636sync settings not being saved on exit
7634Observations not appearing in obs field with object added from SIMBAD
7632Short Term Visibility Widget Won't Show Horizon Light Dome for Original Object.
7627App-_FileSetupWizard_Action: I/O Exception
7625Objects Tab does not display FOV for picture just cross hair
7611DatabaseFile-SaveAs: I/O Exception
7607loaded and and ran 2.4b21 from update "FILE/Check software version". in previous version
7606TabPanel-Value-Set: Out Of Bounds Exception
7591No Plan Documents Can Save or it Takes Incredibly Long
7589Observation Object Fields not showing.
7586AP Kicks you Out with Generic Text Export
7585Application does not close
7580Saving Highlight Import Hangs AP
7578User-Defined Fields Show no Values
7577AstroPlanner Hangs after Saving Plan Info Data
7576App-Event_EnableMenuItems: Nil Object Exception
7572Custom Colum fileds Can Not Be Saved
7570ComputeDarkTime-data: Nil Object Exception
7569Incorrect Moonrise time
7567Text entry into Set custom FoV kills AP hard
7566Quaoar is not where it should be
7565Altering time (for Fixed Date) will crash at least 50%=20
7564ComputeDarkTime-data: Nil Object Exception
7562App-_BackupRestoreRestore_Action: Nil Object Exception
7560TabPanel-Value-Set: Out Of Bounds Exception
7558AstroPlanner and window snapping using BetterTouchTool
7555ObservationTableView-Load: Nil Object Exception
7554ObservationTableView-Load: Nil Object Exception
7553System crashes creating a new untitled plan document
7547Printing Observation Images?
7546Can't get template for new file to stick
7545DSOCommonName-!UBound-Get: Nil Object Exception
7544Wristwatch cursor does not appear during a long operation
7534Exception during Setup Wizard run
7510App-_BackupRestoreRestore_Action: Nil Object Exception
7507Error Message When Trying to Print
7504Can't add a comet to a plan document
7495SolarSystemObjectCollection-AddObjectToDatabase: DatabaseException
7486Unhandled Exception: Nil Object Exception
7484Text fields do not use default font and Input gets very slow.
7483Astroplanner-sync > Item 8 endless loop
7481MainWindow-GetFixDate: Nil Object Exception
7479Unhandled Exception: Nil Object Exception
7477Get latest observable comets
7475PlanObservation-RADec-Set: Nil Object Exception
7474CometObject-AddPlanObject: Key Not Found Exception
7471Changing observation date/time to UTC
7470MainWindow-MakeNewObject: Nil Object Exception
7467Script Running with Debug statements quickly hangs completely.
7466Unhandled Exception: Nil Object Exception
7465Unhandled Exception: Nil Object Exception
7464Unhandled Exception: Key Not Found Exception
7463App-_UserContributedScriptsDownload_Action: Nil Object Exception
7462ImageDatabase-BuildDatabaseFromDSSCache: Nil Object Exception
7461Unhandled Exception: DatabaseException
7460Unhandled Exception: I/O Exception
7455Truncated count in Bad Observation Plan Paths window
7454ObservationDatabase-FixMissingPlans: Nil Object Exception
7453ObservationDatabase-FixMissingPlans: Nil Object Exception
7449My taskbar disappears when AstroPlanner is launched
7445MAC Astroplanner has run away folder creation in OneDrive
7443Orbital-!TestValidity: I/O Exception
7435Images for Plan objects are not downloading
7427MainWindow-MakeNewObject: Nil Object Exception
7415Utility-OpenTextFile: Nil Object Exception
7411ComputeDarkTime-data: Nil Object Exception
7409Edit List Columns
7406Observations not showing in planfile
7399Attempting to change limiting star magnitude using text entry frequently crashes app.
7394Download a image
7392Custom highlighting - sites of observations
7380ID issue
7371Line breaks: return key vs. enter key
7370New images not displayed in list and FoV
7358Opening the FOV tab with an empty (new) Plan Document causes the program to hang
7352Blank output when trying to save as PDF
7349Pluto has two widely differing positions :-(
7332Sort by ID does not sort correctly
7330Logged observations not displayed
7325Images not displaying in FoV tab
7317Printing issue
7304Observation->Site Status causes application to close
7299Constellation chart incorrect on observation
7297# Obs showing is 0 (zero) for some observations
7295it says my license is bad
7288MainWindow-EditCustomHighlighting: Nil Object Exception
7287Lots of time re-writing screens
7282Best Time column Issues
7281User-Defined fields in associations not showing
7276Date/Time setting not sticking
7275MainWindow-EditCustomHighlighting: Nil Object Exception
7252After using the Find Object feature, annotations can no longer be edited.
7251ResourceDatabase-FixupDatabase: DatabaseException
7247Removing Synonyms from an object removes it's observations from plan documents
7246Wrong File last time for "Nested Synonym rules not working with Stars inside Clusters"
7245Nested Synonym rules not working with Stars inside Clusters
7244LX200GPS - Pointing/Slew
7235Problems importing observations on custom objects
7234Issues refreshing object from catalog
7226Script Editor Not working properly
7217Images not displaying
7213Highlighting fro highlighted rows diappears when scrolling down through list
7207Get a hard exception when opening the attached document
7203User-Defined fields stop displaying values after re-arranging associations
7201Some General Preferences not working
7193Clarification of last bug report
7179Nested synonyms not displaying and causing startup errors.
7172Inconsistent Synonym Behavior
7163Non-Highlighted User-Defined Fields not Displaying Values
7161Attempting Find Object during another dialog box deactivates File options
7153Select Features not Working After Merge and Document Switch
7152Some User-Defined Object Values do not Show in the Object List
7146Changing date/time then immediately changing the site
7140Highlight rules must be changed in order to edit them again
7139AP not selecting Non-Highlighted objects
7138Inline object editing issue
7125Site time offset from an other site does not work
7122MainWindow-DoFileSave: Nil Object Exception
7114Script Editor Find/Replace
7110FOV elements do not update when changing imager resource
7108Window does not maximize in Windows 11
7095User defined fields in object editing lower screen
7093MainWindow-SortCompareRows: Nil Object Exception
7089Very slow refresh when selecting new plan observation
7088CatalogueFind-NotesStyledText: Nil Object Exception
7086Observations for IC objects listed as 0 (zero)
7085Large constellation chart in Objects tab not displaying when selecting multiple objects
7084Utility-DeleteFolderItem: I/O Exception
7083Resizing application window, overlapping content
7082ASCOM-TrackingRates: Illegal Cast Exception
7080MainWindow-MergeDocument: Nil Object Exception
7079Object Size does not change in FOV tab
7072String-ToText: RuntimeException
7071"Failed to add synonym ..."
7069MainWindow-MakeNewObject: Out Of Bounds Exception
7066Dark duration disappears prior to 7pm
7061Often the object image does not update
7054Observability/Best Time issue
7046MainWindow-Event_CancelClose: Out Of Bounds Exception
7045Highlight disappeared
7039Time when logging a new observation
7037Font size in Observation notes not retained
7027Objects getting replaced with last selected object
7024Editing Object Fields is not working properly
6997Observations one hour off the day before DST changes
6992"Highlighted" Observed lines deselected when going one row down
6987Objects showing as observed for which there are no observations
6984MainWindow-LookupID: Nil Object Exception
6981ImageDatabase-CreateIndex: DatabaseException
6976Cannot Edit User-Defined Fields from the Observation Database
6960Site times do not show well
6957What does a visibility of "Restrict" mean?
6952ResourceDatabase-Save: DatabaseException
6935CdC issue
6934Certain Observations not Showing on Observations Tab
6933Wifi and slewing
6931ObservationDatabase-BeginDBTransaction: DatabaseException
6927Astronomy-IsDoubleStarID: Nil Object Exception
6923Can't Open Document
6922Utility-DeleteFile: I/O Exception
6918Imported Observations from before the Last DST Change can be an Hour Off
6914ObjectListbox-UserColumnVisibility: Out Of Bounds Exception
6912In re the "File, Save All" bug I just reported..
6906Find feature not working on converted documents
6905Performance and Observation Tab
6904Searches and Visibility Indicators not Working Until All Docs Converted
6903ScriptWindow-ScrEdit_GetAutoCompleteWords: Nil Object Exception
6897sincronization tellescope with computer data
6891Resource issue
6887ObservationWindow-_ExportExcelFile_Action: I/O Exception
6886Older observation notes overwitten by new observation logged
6882ObservationDatabase-WriteObservations: DatabaseException
6879MainWindow-ObservationListClick: Nil Object Exception
6878ResourceDatabase-CloseDatabase: DatabaseException
6877Constellation-NameCentre: Nil Object Exception
6875PK164+31.1 confused with Arp93/NGC7284
6874MainWindow-DoFileSaveAs: I/O Exception
6870CEM60 Wont Connnect
6868Assertion Failure
6866Highlighted rows de-selected when browsing down
6860ResourceDatabase-FixupDatabase: DatabaseException
6859Searching catalogues gives NO results
6855Plan Document Link Lost with Computer Migration
6850Downloaded image not appearing
6840Generic Text Exports Don't Replace CR / LF Endings
6839Incorrect Observation Synonyms
6837Save document prompt for unaltered plans
6833Arp229 registering as NGC945
68322.4a8 can't read backup it created
6828Files Write Protected
6824Backup/Restore generates error message
6812Plan Date/Time Calendar fails to show new moon
6811Dark time corner issue
6810Plan docs/Objects view/columns display of user-defined fields
6809Script works until it doesn't
6808Best alignment stars, cont'd
6807Rejecting Polaris as an alignment star
6806Keyboard shortcuts for tabs vs. other windows
6805New object search "All" fails
6804ID with apostrophe not recognized
6793Version 2.4a6 32-bit Windows 10 Pro 19041.630 of 2020/11/22
6785Plan window Image issue
6760FIRST File, Export only exports 1 object
6755One-Way Synonyms not Working as Expected
6742Night Vision Mode Unusable
6722Quick Observation
6717Images in FoV
6711RestoreDialog-items_MouseMove: Nil Object Exception
6707Observation attachments do not transfer between 2 imacs
6705Sky Safari Export
6670Dark Time column doesn't work for some lat/longs
6660With Preferences set to "Synchronize AstroPlanner FOV centre coordinates with Chartes du Ciel's FOV", the Field of View tab fails to change with changing Objects
6635Missing Headers and Footers on "Object list" reports
6627Jupiter satellites
6623Observation Log
6622Failure to print
6620After import comets the file save as doesn't work
6613Cannot edit text in ID, Name, or User Notes Column
6611Save backup file freezes the app
6609Continued open/save problems
6591ObservationDatabase-GetGUID: Nil Object Exception
6571Object list get a row duplicated every once in a while
6549NGC650 is not a synonym for M76
6547Consolidated ticket: H400-1 Corrections
6546NGC1750 missing from H400-I catalogue
6545H400-I catalogue includes NGC7814; H400-I catalogue missing entry
6536Sunrise(), Sunset(), Plan().Sunrise(), Plan().Sunset()
6535Plan().Sunrise(), Plan().Sunset() do not agree with sunrise, sunset shown in plan document
6534Sunrise, Sunset behaving in unexpected ways
6528Image manager doesn't cross reference images the same way a plan file does
6527Image download not honoring choices
6526Problems on 4k monitor
6524Catalog info for new objects inserted into object notes and into observations
6523Shadow Observation with SkySafari Imports
6522Object Properties are Lost When Synonyms are Present
6521Arrow key time change is inconsistent
6517ResourceDatabase-GetResource: Nil Object Exception
6515Putting in multiple resource combinations causes all ratings to reset
6497Crashes nearly every time I try to open a User-Contributed Plan
6496CartesduCielV2App-Connect: Nil Object Exception
6495Printing confuses object annotations
6494Arp catalogue notes Arp26 as synonym for M101
6493Object annotations showing incorrectly
6486AP left in strange state
6485Menu items not getting un-grayed out
6484AP left in strange state
6451ImageDatabase-Fixup: Nil Object Exception
6447Delegate-IM_Invoke: Nil Object Exception
6438Scripts not allowed to execute
6436ObjectListbox-UserColumnVisible: Out Of Bounds Exception