Purchasing AstroPlanner

NOTE: Any orders made during the period 18 May 2024 through 18 June 2024 will probably incur delays in processing - anything up to a week. Any orders requiring shipping of flash drives will be shipped no earlier than 18 June 2024. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PayPal is a reputable, secure and easy-to-use payment service. The service does not require that you have, or create, an account. See below for other options.

Please note: You will be contacted at the e-mail address you supply to PayPal. If this is not an active address (often the case if you've been using PayPal for a long time), please note your active address in the comments field. All registration information is sent to you via e-mail. This might take a few hours to happen. Please be patient.

New Users (or Users Upgrading from a V1 Licence)

(if you have never paid for a version of AstroPlanner before, or if you paid for a V1 licence in the distant past) Pay usingAcceptance Mark
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Registered Users of V2.x

(if you paid for a V2 licence for AstroPlanner in the past) Pay usingAcceptance Mark
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All Registered Users

(if you paid for a licence for any version of AstroPlanner in the past) Pay usingAcceptance Mark
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1 excluding the USNO A2.0, UCAC4, and APASS catalogues, which are available separately or one the MAX flash drive (see above). Note that V1 catalogues are identical in format to V2 catalogues. You can also use the V1 CD-ROM to install catalogues in V2.
2 See here for a definition. Also known as a thumb drive or USB key. This small, self-powered drive plugs into a USB socket on your computer and looks like an external disk drive to the operating system. The actual size, design and capacity of the supplied drive will depend on availability, etc.

Note: The application and catalogues are no longer available on CD- or DVD-ROM.

If you would prefer to pay by check, send a request via e-mail and we'll supply you with our postal mailing address. Then mail a check in U.S. dollars (made out to "iLanga, Inc.") to that address. Make sure you include your postal address, your e-mail address (where possible) and what you are ordering.

Note: we absorb any fees or US sales taxes. You just pay the amount mentioned above. If you are outside the USA and order a Flash Drive, you might be charged VAT or duty by your customs department. That's out of our control.

By registering or upgrading the application, or purchasing catalogues, you implicitly agree to allow iLanga, Inc. to collect and store your name, e-mail address, and (optionally) mailing address in a secured database. This information will only be used to generate and disseminate your licence information, and to (very) occasionally inform you of AstroPlanner-related news and updates. This information will not be shared with any third parties without your permission. If you no longer use the application you can request your information be removed from the database, understanding that this will cause the application licence to expire.